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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weapon of Mass Destruction

That would be eu, mea, yours truly. It all started a few days ago when the computer at my gazda's started acting up--freezing and then not connecting back to the internet--while I was using it. Mihai says it must be the change over to a different server that's causing the problem. Hm-m-m. Then yesterday I cracked a glass while washing dishes. And tonight (drum roll) while home alone since Mihai and the boys went to a teacher conference and Felicia had to work late grading exams at her school, I managed to a) tear a cabinet door off its upper hinge and b) break the uni-handle-lever-thingie off its mounting WHILE the water was running. I braced the cabinet door with a tall container to keep it from damaging the bottom hinge and--after calling the PC staff and Felicia--figured out on my own where the water valve was located and turned the water off. The PC gazda coordinator arrived breathless right afterward, expecting to see the furniture floating, I'm sure, and was relieved to see there was no horrific damage for which the US Government would have to pay. Mihai, God love him, was unperturbed when I fessed up to the problems upon his arrival home. He snapped the cabinet hinge back into place--still don't know how he did it--saying that it was his fault for not fixing what he knew was a problem, and then assured me that the faucet handle was just old and worn out (which it obviously was) and went right out to buy another--where at this hour, I can't imagine. The bloc apartment buildings, built before the revolution, are apparently wearing out in general and just not a match for my mighty capitalist muscles. But I'm sure Andrei and Stefan have enjoyed the extra outing to the night-time faucet shop and tomorrow the PC staff will have something to laugh about at coffee break. I live to serve.


  1. And is it just pure coincidence that there has been nothing broken around the house since Clela 's departure?

  2. Of course, you realize that this will all be very funny at some point in the future. However, I understand and feel your angst at such havoc. It reminds me of the time in Crete when I was doing laundry in the bidet, tried to turn off the hot water, and wrenched the handle right off in my hand. Hot water or not, I put my hands over the great steaming geyser and held it there with slightly less than a room-full of water to show for it when the maintenance crew arrived. Of course, the real embarrassment was the laundry. Americans are so nutty......

  3. Ha ha - uh, I mean I'm so sorry! I know just how you feel. :)